Family Therapy


A family is an ecosystem that usually strives for harmony among its members. The discord brought about by an individual’s drug or alcohol addiction disrupts relationships within the family. Therefore, it is tremendously helpful to include family therapy in recovery. It has been shown that a treatment program including family therapy results in more favorable and lasting outcomes for all those affected by adddiction.

Hopes Gate believes that including the family in the treatment of an individual’s addiction is an effective component to a successful program. Family Therapy encourages communication in a nonjudgmental setting and helps the family to focus on the specifics of recovery.  As change takes place in the loved one’s recovery, families are educated and kept informed on the progress of treatment. Along with a sense of being involved in the process, families can strengthen the bonds that result in a better environment for support.

“When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you” Guy Lafleur

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