Outpatient Program


Because not everyone is a candidate for residential alcohol and drug treatment, there is outpatient treatment. Like residential programs, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment focuses on helping the individual abstain from using drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives. These long-term goals are achieved in a variety of ways within the outpatient treatment model.

There are several advantages to outpatient treatment that may appeal to certain individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. For one, the cost of an outpatient program is generally less than that of a residential drug treatment program. Also, for those who are to maintain their careers and family life during the recovery period, outpatient treatment provides a chance to get help while not completely disrupting the flow of an individual’s life.

At Hopes Gate, we strongly believe in the effectiveness of 12-Step programs as a route to long-term sobriety. For this reason, our outpatient programs stress frequent attendance at meetings, contact with a sponsor, problem-solving skills, and building meaningful relationships. We use a holistic approach to treatment through group and individual therapy. Structure, discipline, hope, self-esteem, and providing the tools to maintain sobriety are key components of our Outpatient programs. Our Clinical Team works with the family and collaborates with private counselors to integrate each treatment plan. Upon the completion of the program, a detailed recovery plan is designed for each individual client.

Our Outpatient Program is designed to help our clients prepare for their transition into day-to-day life. Through Hopes Gates’ supportive environment, our outpatient clients are able to begin a new, healthy and sober life.

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