Problem Solving Techniques


At Hopes Gate, emphasis is placed on therapies that teach coping skills for life after addiction. Acquiring these skills will combat the onslaught of problems that arise from situations that were ignored or denied during drug use.

At Hopes Gate, emphasis on problem solving techniques is extremely important in treatment. Individuals in our care may be not be able to recognize that a problem exists at all. He/She may respond with anger, depression or anxiety to a given problematic situation after returning to a clean life. Once a problem is recognized, it can be broken down to smaller and more manageable parts.

Problems are unique to each individual and The Hopes Gate Staff teaches problem solving skills that speak directly to the person’s concerns, lifestyle, and personality traits. The ability to attend to problems in a calm and confident manner will go a long way towards maintaining motivation and dedication to a full and rewarding life.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” Eleanor Roosevelt

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