Motivation & Education For Recovery


Motivation to eliminate substance abuse from a person’s life is the mechanism for change. While this may seem obvious, the trick is to maintain that motivation in the face of the change itself. Motivation is dynamic and fluctuating, and often occurs when the individual is encountering unexpected external circumstances.

Once a person is free of drugs or alcohol, he or she may feel great. But once the elation wears off, and everyday life is back in business, ambivalence may occur. The memory of the good times had while using drugs or alcohol may compete with the commitment to a clean life. It is important for the individual to reconnect with reality, and to understand that life has hardships for everyone else living a clean life. A fluid and flexible program for maintaining motivation is essential at this stage of reentry to a normal life.

At Hopes Gate the individual is taught and encouraged to recognize a problem and search for strategies to maintain his/her level of commitment. The nuts and bolts of motivation are tangible, doable and can be reinvented as necessary. In partnership with our dedicated Staff, the individual will be able to navigate the course of change in tandem with his or her level of motivation. The encouragement of optimism and a belief in a person’s own strengths, along with continuing awareness of change, will enforce the motivation needed to discover and maintain a true life and a true self.

“You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change” Les Brown

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