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Emma S., 12-26-17

Thank you Hope’s Gate for everything you all have done for me. When I came here I really never
thought I would be sober… or that would even be possible. The staff here are some of the best people I
have encountered and helped me grow in so many ways and I have learned so much in life and about
being independent. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the people at Hope’s Gate.

Nathan Z., 10-18-17

This place is truly amazing. I was welcomed with open arms and am so grateful for the opportunity to
continue my journey of sobriety here. I wouldn’t be anywhere else. I am truly blessed that I am here
and cannot thank you guys enough. God has a plan for everything.

Beberto S., 2/21/18

You hear about the horror of going to treatment in south Florida and how uncomfortable and shady it is.
This is not the case at Hope’s Gate, this center is a glowing example of how a treatment center should
act, clinically and operationally. By far the most exceptional place I have been to.

Nick, 1/19/18

Thank you Hope’s Gate for embracing me with open arms even when I can act difficult at times. This is
the best place I have ever been to from techs to upper management. Things here are terrific. Hope’s
Gate has found a special place in my heart. – Love Nick

Tex, 1/19/18

Thanks Hopes Gate for helping me. The staff here is phenomenal and has helped me with any and all
problems I had, honestly appreciate all y’all have done for me. This is the closest thing I had to a home
and family. Love y’all.

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